HxGN MineEnterprise Modules

Data management and enrichment processes to assist in daily ops, including D&B, material movement, equipment analysis, and reconciliation

Mining technology is always improving and as it does, the volume of data produced increases. That’s why it’s so important to control your data in a way that nurtures collaboration and empowers a mine to be proactive, not reactive. In some mines, survey, geology and engineering departments run Excel sheets disparately to manage their own data processes. Even with a fleet management system, many data-enrichment tasks are required by each department but are not supported. Systems used between departments are separated and each team has its own internal processes and data sets.

Supposing you could transform each department to see the impact of decisions downstream. Instead of constantly re-assigning equipment, supposing you could change the mine plan before issues arise.

HxGN MineEnterprise Modules enable a range of data management and enrichment processes to assist in the daily operation of a mine: Location management, drill and blast, material movement, equipment analysis, target management, reconciliation, inventory management, haul analysis and rates management are among the critical steps handled by MineEnterprise Modules, which ensure data streams can be connected and analyzed.

The next wave of innovation isn’t limited to technology; it will involve systems people and processes. Success depends on controlling your data so it’s possible to foster and grow new initiatives from a solid foundation. MineEnterprise Modules provide business with a consistent life-of-mine data store that can connect to any system and enable data-enrichment in a single interface that is accessible to everyone.

MineEnterprise Modules are simple to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. The solution scales as your business does so you need only buy what you need today while possessing the platform to be ready for tomorrow. Enjoy the ability to implement consistency and formalize the fundamental tech services’ activities performed by every operation. Ensure that the value of fleet information continues beyond dispatch and short interval control, and can be realized across the whole business.