HxGN MineEnterprise Platform

An enterprise platform and operational management hub that connects processes and data in a central place to support the management of your mine


Real-time information is invaluable to any mine striving for world-class operational performance and the highest safety standards. To change a business from being reactive to proactive, information and collaboration are key.

HxGN MineEnterprise Platform is an operational management hub that responds to this need for collaboration by helping a mine to see downstream effects. It connects processes and data in a central place to support the management of your mine. Users can transition from re-assigning equipment to changing the mine plan before issues arise.

At some mines, data exists in different places with different access points and is subject to bespoke Excel spreadsheets. Access to that data is often restricted to within an office. IT support is required to write technical reports connecting data between disparate systems and valuable information is lost in the noise of large data sets.

All of these drawbacks can mean an operation management style that is reactive due to delayed access to data. There can be a large overhead on administrative staff to collect and manage paper data sets and an even larger overhead on IT staff to build and maintain customized reports over fleet and plant data. Ultimately, that can mean inconsistent information between departments due to individual spreadsheets and personalized views.

MineEnterprise Platform creates a mining-centric repository of data accessible across all levels and departments. Data is transformed into actionable packets of information and delivered directly to key stakeholders, encouraging proactive decision-making inside and outside the office, based on current data.

Engineers and geologists spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing data thanks to a single source of the truth, accessible throughout the business.

MineEnterprise Platform is scalable, simple to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. The system can be implemented and running live within one to three weeks.

The next wave of innovation isn’t limited to technology, but it will involve systems, people and processes. To ride this wave successfully, you need to have control of your data so it’s possible to foster and grow any new initiatives from a solid foundation. That’s why we created the MineEnterprise Platform.