HxGN MineOperate OP Pro LP

Combined hardware and software featuring all new UI/UX and
peer-to-peer communication for unparalleled fleet management insight

Featuring a completely new user interface and customizable workflows, HxGN MineOperate OP Pro LP helps master the fleet by automating processes, optimizing haulage and blending, and delivering situational awareness.

By integrating data and automating production cycles and operations workflows, OP Pro LP helps mines with the right information at the right time to better use their equipment, improve their workflows, reduce costs and improve productivity. Peer-to-peer communications means an end to sub-optimal system updates and the delays caused by poor wireless network coverage.

OP Pro LP ensures greater visibility into real-time production. Users enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that greater situational awareness means a safer mine.

Single source for reporting

MineOperate OP Pro LP integrates with HxGN MineOperate OP Pro HP to know the exact location of haulage equipment, providing loading equipment operators more accurate ETAs. Operators can maintain production and accommodate for schedule cleanup, short moves, and other small delays.

Integration with HxGN MineEnterprise Platform provides a single source for reporting and support across the entire fleet. Payload feedback integration with third-party weigh systems reduces the number of truck overloads and grade control integration with the HxGN MinePlan portfolio provides simple methods of transferring designs to field equipment.

MineOperate OP Pro LP users can expect reduced hang shovel time, truck queue time, and truck-spotting time. Time is also saved from best-path streamlined haulage.