HxGN MineOperate for Machine and Asset Health

Extend equipment lifetime by identifying machine health trends in real-time via integrated servers and data-loggers.

Mines are digitizing every aspect of their operations, but some companies still use paper maintenance logs for their large machinery. Without connectivity, the operator in the cab is only exchanging information with dispatch at the end of the shift. Machines are failing prematurely against maintenance schedules without explanations. In some cases, when a machine fails it is difficult to find a replacement to fill in. At the same time, customers are paying for machines with far more sensors than ever before, but that exponential data isn’t converted into actionable information. Until now.

The Machine and Asset Health Suite offers HxGN MineOperate Asset Health, a platform of servers and data-loggers that extends equipment lifetime. Mine maintenance and operations staff use MineOperateAsset Health in the office and the field to identify machine health trends in real-time. This helps them to improve efficiencies and minimize equipment down-time.

MineOperate Asset Health can be used to retrofit OEM-agnostic platforms for connecting onboard data logging, telemetry and messaging. On-board alerts can be synchronized with the office, dispatch, reliability engineering, and maintenance centers.

MineOperate Asset Health will implement deep-data analytics with neural networking using complex, proprietary algorithms to enable pattern recognition from highly disparate onboard and environmental datasets. This level of predictive maintenance will enable repair engineers to plan for and prevent down-time and lost revenue.

The product integrates with our fleet management system and uses transformative ensemble algorithms. It delivers the critical component for fully autonomous vehicles and modules allow customers to scale depending on budget.

Users can expect increased machine availability, more up-time, minimized out-of-warranty repair costs and greater insight into unexplained machine system faults

The Machine and Asset Health Suite enables optimization for the entire mine fleet.