HxGN MineOperate for Operator Assist

Integrated solution to calculate the optimum reversing path for a truck to follow when loading or unloading.

Backing into a loading position is a perennial challenge for truck operators. “Spotting” right the first time saves time, money, and keeps everything running smoothly. Getting it wrong means the shovel operator must ask the truck operator to re-position, which typically takes about 40 seconds; that’s an additional 40 seconds every other truck must wait.

The direct cost of inaccurate reversing operations can be as high as $5,000 per shovel, per day. The Operator Assist Suite provides a reverse guidance solution to minimize or eliminate re-spotting by guiding truck operators. It is also an important step towards autonomous haulage, a solution eyed by mining companies for years.

HxGN MineOperate Reverse Assist calculates the optimum reversing path for a truck to follow when backing into a shovel pit to be loaded, or when backing to a hopper to unload.

Autonomous mining equipment

By providing a truck operator with the precise position of the truck in relation to the shovel, the operator can position themselves in the loading location more quickly. Calculating a path and providing a truck operator with guidance along that path, helps to eliminate machine damage caused by hard cornering and inadvertent contact with the shovel and/or related infrastructure, not to mention associated injuries.

By providing guidance to the truck operator, re-positioning events can be minimized or eliminated. Operators are safer and more productive.

There are ancillary benefits, too. Centered loading in trucks leads to longer tire life and lowered suspension maintenance. Off-centered distribution of weight directly affects tire wear and suspension components.

Improved production, cost savings on maintenance, reduced training budgets and prevention of costly incidents are just a few of the advantages offered by the Operate Assist Suite.