HxGN MinePlan

Geology, engineering, (including OP, UG, and Quarry) and production suites for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation

The HxGN MinePlan portfolio comprises suites covering geology, engineering, and production, plus standalone products.

Productive mines depend on being able to build detailed geological surfaces and solids. Statistical and geo-statistical analysis of project data is essential to producing an accurate block model with confidence. HxGN MinePlan offers two geology options - Foundation and Pro.

HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation offers everything needed by an exploration or resource geologist to store, manage, and analyze drillhole data, perform geological interpretation of the deposit and generate an accurate block model. It provides an SQL-based data management system for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other types of point sample data integrated with other planning products for coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation, and visualization. It includes a QAQC module to validate the accuracy of field samples and to protect the integrity of your sampling data.

HxGN MinePlan Geology Pro adds the power of implicit modeling to sequence surface and solids and to create reproducible, auditable air-tight geological models that can be quickly and easily updated with new information.

For engineering, HxGN MinePlan comprises package options for open pit, underground and quarries. HxGN MinePlan Engineering OP features Foundation, LTP Pro and STP Pro. Common to all three are 3D visualization and Engineering CAD tools. LTP Pro and STP Pro offer additional solutions, including consolidated schedule optimization and haulage. STP Pro also features an activity-based Gantt chart scheduler.

Foundation and Pro options are available for underground, each ensuring that mines are able to standardize workflows, ensure accountability and improve collaboration. Both include tools for 3D visualization, engineering UG CAD and room and pillar. Pro features an activity-based Gantt chart scheduler and a stope optimization solution.

Choose from Foundation and Pro options in the HxGN MinePlan Engineering Quarry suite. Quarry Foundation is a mine planning software package built on a user-friendly interface that integrates HxGN MinePlan 3D into a standardized workflow, basing schedule optimization on economics or other constraints. The engineering and geology workflow is specifically designed for mining (not AutoCAD) and the solution is scalable, growing as your organization does.

Quarry Pro adds drill and blast capabilities and improved database management, with design tools based on drill and blast best practices.

For production, HxGN MinePlan features Foundation and Pro with options to include digblock optimization and design tools for drill patterns. HxGN MinePlan Production Foundation is a rapid, integrated, and standardized software solution for grade control. It standardizes the grade control process by ensuring tasks are completed sequentially. HxGN MinePlan Production Pro is a complete software package for production planning and reconciliation.

The HxGN MinePlan portfolio also features standalone products, including the following: MinePlan 3D, the foundational software for visualization, design, modeling and reserves calculation; MinePlan Schedule Optimizer, which determines the most productive cut mining sequence to achieve the highest project profitability, and then generates practical short- to long-term project schedules; MinePlan Activity Scheduler for activity-based scheduling; MinePlan Operations for grade control; and MinePlan Point Cloud Mesher, a surface and solid generator capable of quickly handling complex data sets.


Geology Suite

Mine modeling and mine planning tools to store, manage, and analyze drillhole data, perform geological interpretation of deposits and generate accurate block models.

Engineering Suite

Generate short- to medium-term schedules by determining the most productive cut sequence. Long-term schedule...

Production Suite

Integrated and standardized software packages for grade control, drill and blast design, and data...

Standalone planning tools

Standalone planning tools for 3D visualization, short- and long-term scheduling, activity-based scheduling, ore...

HxGN MinePlan 2019

Join Jose Sanchez, product marketing specialist at Hexagon Mining, as he goes over some of the key features in the latest update.