HxGN MinePlan Exploration Geo

Connect smart field data from on-site tablet devices to MinePlan 3D and take exploration projects from the initial drillhole design and planning stages through field data collection, data management, QAQC, 3D interpretation, and geomodeling.

Main benefits

Simplified drillhole design

Drillhole design tool simplifies the field program design process with interactive functions for drillhole targeting and simulating deviation.

Field logging

The GeoSlate logging app offers an intuitive, workflow-centric field logging interface optimized for rugged Android tablet devices.

Quality and consistency

Real-time data validation controls quality and consistency between field personnel and saves time.

Learn more about GeoSlate

Easy to use mobile geological-logging application simplifies field data collection.

Learn how GeoSlate saves geologists valuable time

Productive mines and exploration projects depend on being able to build detailed geologic and resource models based on timely and efficient collection of geological data.

Learn how core images can be used in your workflow

View your downhole core images directly in MinePlan Drillhole Manager.

Learn more about Torque database and QAQC

Torque is an SQL-based database platform for managing drillhole, blasthole, and other sample data with advanced functionality for data processing and QAQC validation.

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