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HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System Advantage

360-degree proximity detection via a non-intrusive cabin display unit for all mining vehicles, assets, and operators in open pit mines

Mines can be dangerous places. Heavy traffic, large equipment, poor visibility and blind spots all create the potential for accidents. The mining industry demands world-class operational performance and the highest safety levels. That means minimal traffic-related incidents with all safety data accessible digitally.

HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System Advantage (CAS Advantage) helps mines achieve these goals. CAS Advantage is the leading technology for proximity detection, built on eight years’ expertise with more than 25,000 units at work worldwide. 

CAS Advantage 

Standard offering for T1 to T3 mines, based on the latest FW with increased functionality.
  • Unlimited number of alarm exceptions
  • Up to 20 geofenced areas
  • Automatic LogFiles server download
  • Updates to over the air WiFi/GSM/LTE
  • Up to 3 months of LogFiles
  • 8 GPIO and > 15 IVMS available
  • Reporting capabilities for critical controls monitoring
CAS FW 4.0 or above, SMDate and SMTrack servers required for some functionalities


Via a non-intrusive cabin display unit, CAS Advantage protects all mining vehicles, assets, and vehicle operators within 500 meters in open pit mines. The solution provides 360-degree awareness for surrounding vehicles and selected assets, as well as a technology-leading collision avoidance function based on path prediction.

The system uses GNSS and RF technologies and requires no support infrastructure. The highly configurable solution enjoys high operator adoption because of minimal nuisance alarms and delivers enhanced safety for all mine and vehicle types. Reporting capabilities allow for full access and interpretation of the data for continuous safety improvements.

The technology fits well on any digital road map because all the data is transmitted to our operational management system. It’s combined with data from other safety and operational systems to present comprehensive access to your data for informed decision making.

CAS Advantage is reliable hardware proven in all mining environments. Users can expect fewer near-misses, fewer speeding events and continuous 360-degree visibility. Most importantly, everyone gets home safely.

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