HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert

The precision and accuracy of Personal Alert technology

Precision technology means reliable notifications for long range (< 50m) and accurate distance measurement (<10 cm). Each pedestrian tag contains a unique ID, which if within a vehicle range is transmitted in real time with location and danger status for monitoring/reporting.

Monitor, analyze and intervene to create a safer mine

Integrated with HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS), Personal Alert uses Wi-Fi, GSM or LTE CAS capabilities. All safety-related data - pedestrian tag status, alerts, and dangerous situations - is transferred to the web application for monitoring.

Comfortable and easy to configure for mine requirements

Ergonomic wearable tag is light-weight, easy to wear with a 16-hour battery life, increasing pedestrian’s acceptance. Proven CAS concept of highly configurable detection zones allows the Personal Alert system to be adapted to specific mine requirements.

12 ways to improve mine safety

Safety’s too important for partial solutions. Learn how we’re connecting autonomous ecosystems to address risks, minimize nuisance alarms and get everyone home safely with HxGN MineProtect.

Personal Alert in 60 seconds

Watch Personal Alert issue visual, audible and vibratory alerts depending on the risk posed to pedestrians and maintenance personnel during interaction with heavy machinery. See how drivers and pedestrians inside work zones are alerted to each other’s presence.


Up close with Personal Alert

Small but mighty, Personal Alert with its 16-hour battery life helps prevent accidents between pedestrians and heavy machinery. Learn more about this solution, which is so integral to the MineProtect portfolio.

Integration with our fleet management system

Watch a more detailed demonstration of Personal Alert and its applications. Learn more about how it integrates with Hexagon’s fleet management system to provide an extra layer of safety for everyone working in the pit.


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