HxGN MineProtect Safety Center

A smart camera system that consolidates solutions for monitoring shovels and other heavy equipment to mitigate blind spots

The mining industry demands world-class operational performance and the highest safety levels. That means minimal traffic-related incidents with all safety data accessible digitally. HxGN MineProtect Safety Center helps mines achieve these goals.

Safety Center is a smart camera system that consolidates solutions for monitoring heavy machinery. It integrates information from the GNSS-based HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) with cameras and HxGN MineProtect Tracking Radar on one video display. The CAS, radar display, and video camera monitor appear on a single screen, thus decluttering the cab. Safety Center suits shovels and other heavy equipment that require collision avoidance and cameras to help operators monitor blind spots.

Sophisticated algorithms provide sensor fusion between data from CAS, Tracking Radar, and cameras, which include motion and soiled camera lens detection. Additional sensor inputs can be integrated, such as seatbelt monitoring, driver identification, bed position, and other vehicle parameters.

Safety Center displays both the top-view screen and camera views, while at higher speeds it switches to top-view only. This ensures that operators focus on the road and on relevant safety information, at low speeds (e.g. < 8km/h). In reverse gear, the view automatically switches to show the rear camera.

The small LED display can also be used with the system and be placed in the operator’s direct field of view. In case of an alarm, all cameras’ image content is recorded for subsequent analysis. Safety Center is fully configurable for different equipment and specific mine operating procedures. It's an additional layer of safety to CAS, the industry-leader for open-pit traffic safety, with more than 25,000 units deployed worldwide.

CAS technology, initiated and improved since 2008, came from the extreme safety environment of aviation to establish itself as a leader with algorithms providing high safety and minimum unwanted alarms. Synergies with our enterprise reporting platform, compatibility with a complete safety suite, and integration with fleet management elevates Hexagon’s safety package to a unique industry position.

Users report fewer accidents around earth-moving vehicles, less equipment wear and tear - meaning less downtime - and faster, safer operations for shovel operators. Safety Center helps create a safer work environment where risks are significantly mitigated, a culture of safety awareness, alleviating stress and improving morale, reduced operation costs, and recognition of safety efforts by customers and industry.

Most importantly, everyone gets home safely.


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