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HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System

The first system to automatically recognize hazardous conditions and take control of a vehicle when an operator fails to do so

Mines are balancing increasing demands for productivity while trying to protect their employees. Yet no matter how vigilant mining operations try to be, vehicle collisions continue to cause equipment damage, injuries – even fatalities.

HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System (VIS) addresses this challenge. It’s the first system to automatically recognize hazardous conditions and take control of a vehicle when an operator fails to do so. If an imminent collision is detected, VIS cuts vehicle propulsion, applies the retarder, or activates the service brakes.

Integrated with HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS), VIS provides a crucial and highly effective last layer of accident prevention. Now mines can keep their employees and equipment safe from accidents blind spots, driver fatigue, increased vehicle size, poor visibility, high traffic and more.

VIS is also the world’s only Level-9 collision avoidance technology. Level 9 means it automatically takes control of the propulsion system of the truck in defined situations if the operator does not react appropriately to the warning provided by CAS.

LaunchAssist inhibits propulsion to prevent a collision at start-up or at an intersection. It also protects a vehicle from rolling and potentially injuring occupants.

SpeedAssist inhibits propulsion to prevent over-speeding, as well as configuring speed limits, depending on the geo-localization.

AssetProtect temporarily disables certain truck functionality, such as inhibiting propulsion and hoist to protect an asset, such as a crusher, and to protect obstacles, such as a power line.

RampAssist activates the retarder to prevent speeding on ramps while TailgatingProtect inhibits propulsion or activates the retarder, depending on the situation, to maintain a safe distance with an adjacent vehicle.

BrakeAssist activates the service brakes at low speed (<10 km/h) to prevent or mitigate an imminent collision.

VIS was subjected to more than 10,000 testing hours in a working mine and is fully compliant with South Africa’s DMR safety regulations on all trackless mobile machinery. It also won Mining Magazine’s 2017 Safety Technology Award.

More importantly, it saves lives.

Demonstrating HxGN MineProtect Vehicle Intervention System

HxGN Mine VIS is an extra layer of safety to our Collision Avoidance System, taking control of a vehicle when its operator cannot.

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